If you’re wondering what changes you can make to boost your vacation rental income, these five tips are a great start.

Focus on the largest visual impact.

Pay special attention to where your eyes are drawn upon entering your vacation home. You’ll find that you naturally look at the floors first, which serve as the largest visual plane in any space. Second, you’ll end up examining the walls. Only then are you able to take in the smaller details. That’s why it’s important to invest in making your flooring and walls look beautiful, so guests are impressed from their very first step inside your rental.

It’s all in the details!

Consider every aspect of your vacation home equally, and critically evaluate how space is being used. Electric cords, lighting, and the items on your shelves are often overlooked as being inconsequential, but the way they’re presented can completely alter the appearance and feel of your rental. Equip your shelves with tasteful books and visually pleasing—but useful!—accessories, such as maps. Wall-mounted lighting looks modern and saves space, and you can tuck cords away or tack them along the walls for a much cleaner look.


Consider human interactions.

Arrange the furniture in your vacation rental with thoughtfulness and intention. Guests often gather in the living room and around the kitchen, so make sure people can get in and out of these areas without too much hassle. Think about how the conversation will flow naturally, and where they will want to sit or stand in each respective space. Though TVs are an essential amenity for guests, you can include a great flatscreen without centering the whole living room around it. Facing chairs and sofas toward each other will foster stronger connections, which is what vacations are all about!


Play up the bedroom.

Hotels offer guests a place to set their glasses, books, and other bedside necessities, and your home should be no different. An inviting bed really sells the space, and since vacations are meant for relaxation, it’s essential to curate a cozy feel. Fresh bedding goes a long way toward ensuring guest satisfaction, so plan on replacing bedding—including pillows—annually.


Choose vacation rental amenities wisely.

Stock up on plenty of silverware, include kid-friendly dishes, and maybe even consider providing bowls for beloved furry family members. Think about amenities that allow friends and families to relax together, like a hot tub, firepit, or ping-pong table. If you’re on a tight budget, even little things like books, board games, bicycles, and frisbees can make a big difference.


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